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We offer Monitoring packages for fire alarm systems and security alarms for commercial buildings and companies in Houston.

Safety code states that all fire alarm systems are required to be monitored. We have a price plan for your location and system size based on several factors. Security alarms do so much better when they are monitored.

There are standards and codes that building officials for permitting (to receive certificate of occupancy) use to require you to have your fire alarm system monitored.

International Fire Code IFC 2015 907.6 "Fire Alarm Systems required by this chapter or the International Building Code (IBC) shall be monitored by an approved supervisng station in accordance with NFPA 72".

International Fire Code IFC 2015 903.4 and 903.4.1 Give the requirements for Monitoring the sprinkler system for Supervisory, Trouble, and Alarm conditions. The device to monitor these is a fire alarm panel which will call the proper authorities in the event of a fire. For Sprinkler Monitoring, Call TEAMWired.

We'll get you covered.

NFPA 72 Chapter 26 "Supervising Station" is a chapter of about 14 pages that explains the minimal requirements of a supervising station. Your local jurisdiction may require a more stringent amendment to the requirements of a supervising station.

Texas Administrative Code RULE ยง551.65 (Part C line 8)The fire alarm system shall be arranged to transmit an alarm automatically to the fire department legally committed to serve the area in which the facility is located by the most direct and reliable method allowed by NFPA 101.

NFPA 101 Where emergency forces notification is required by another section of this Code, the fire alarm system shall be arranged to transmit the alarm automatically via any of the following means acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and shall be in accordance with NFPA 72

TEAMWired has done the due dilligence in locating the proper codes, standards, and amendments to put together monitoring packages that can be used throughout the city of Houston and all of Harris County.


TEAMWired as a whole is here to provide the services we are known for and to always help protect our customers. We are here for all of Houston and surrounding areas providing fire alarm systems, security alarms and access control with electric locks.

Workmanship and proper tools for the trade

Note:- Monitoring is the part of the fire alarm system that holds the whole thing together. Fire alarm monitoring is how the proper authorities get notified that something isn't right.

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Security Camera Monitoring
  • Magnetic Locks Inspections
  • Security system Monitoring
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Emergency on Call repairs
  • Loaner equipment
  • Full service system maintenance
  • Security system inspection
  • From a listed company with years of experience.
  • We now have security camera monitoring packages.
  • To keep you up to code.
  • To make sure the proper authorities are contacted before it's too late.
  • To verify you are within code and continue to comply within requirements.
  • To have make repairs as soon as possible.
  • When your device is not functioning and there is any delay with a new one or repairs.
  • Not just inspect, but repair and/or replace.
  • To stay within code.

What is service?

Repairs made to keep you operational when downtime is not an option.

What is true service?

Repairs, replacement, loaners, rentals and upkeep.

Monitoring Packages

We have Monitoring packages. In these monitoring packages we include the three main items.

  • Security Camera Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Security Alarm Monitoring
  • You can select any of our items and bundle them to build your own monitoring package. As many as you need. 1-3. We are ready to send you the quote for the package you select.