TEAMWired has been providing Houston with Access control and burglar Alarm services since 2007. In our growth we have taken on a larger sales force, more numerous technicians and a design TEAM.

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Not only does TEAMWired design, engineer and install life safety systems, we provide expert Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Monitoring, backed by 24/7 emergency service. With superior products, superior technicians and a dedicated focus on customer service, we prove that our standards are of the highest grade of integrity, trust, understanding and delivery.

Our technicians are picked by certification,skills, and customer interactions. Our sales group is selected by knowledge of the services they are selling and customer loyalty.Our design TEAM is selected based on knowledge, accuracy, skill, and productivity. We have a True Service Department that is 100% dedicated to the service of our customers and their needs.

What True Service means is our technicians in that department are assigned for only servicing our customers equipment.

We have on-call emergency service members and we offer loaner equipment while new parts are being shipped, to prevent any downtime. This is a TEAMWired service, that is unmatched.

Call us and we will have someone on site.


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TEAMWired as a whole is here to provide the services we are known for and to always help protect our customers. We are here for all of Houston and surrounding areas providing fire alarm systems, security alarms and access control with electric locks.

Houston Fire alarms

Workmanship and proper tools for the trade

Note:- Proven track record of customer satisfaction, employee pride and company moral are the things that keep TEAMWired looking, working and thinking sharp so that our customers are comfortable and satisfied with our work

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Magnetic Locks Inspections
  • Security system Monitoring
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Emergency on Call repairs
  • Loaner equipment
  • Full service system maintenance
  • Security system inspection
  • From a listed company with years of experience.
  • To keep you up to code.
  • To make sure the proper authorities are contacted before it's too late.
  • To verify you are within code and continue to comply within requirements.
  • To have make repairs as soon as possible.
  • When your device is not functioning and there is any delay with a new one or repairs.
  • Not just inspect, but repair and/or replace.
  • To stay within code.

What is service?

Repairs made to keep you operational when downtime is not an option.

What is true service?

Repairs, replacement, loaners, rentals and upkeep.