Fire Alarm Design Prices

*=Prices subject to change.

Fire Alarm

Designed to code and bid

First 50 Devices Just

$ 500.00

$150 each additional 25*

Access Control

$ 325.00*

Up to 50 devices

AHJ Submittal

$ 175.00*

AHJ retrieval

$ 175.00*

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Function 1. Prompt, uniform design Your logo and information On the Drawings Flat Rate (plus cost of permit)
Function 2. Device Symbols Per NFPA 170 Required Identification Per Ahj 50 mile radius
Function 3. Comprehensive Legend Descriptive Title Block Online Submittal (if Applicable)
Function 4. Code and Amendment Lookup Logical Layout to ease installation Print out Downloadable Files (if applicable)
Function 5. Voltage Drops & Battery Calculations Numbered Door Tags (on drawing) Provide online Access to pdf backups
Function 6. Descriptive Title Block Digital copies Scan in Accepted drawings from AHJ to PDF*
Function 7. APS Stamped
Function 8. Digital Copies