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Fire Alarm Design in the state of Texas. Located in Houston.

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Our Design prices are below for fire alarm and access control systems, for installation process.

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Our designs are exactly that, our work. We have our own in house made design software built by a practicing project planner. From the symbols we use to the battery calculations and voltage drops, everything is hand made for ease of use and easy to read field purposes. If any AHJ has any questions we can send him/her a copy to test for compliance. We do not use over the counter software, we do not use free software. We are offering experience. Even our wire labels. The fire alarm device symbols match NFPA 170 of course.

It is very important that you communicate all needs of the job. Panel type and brand/parts type and brand/ AHJ amendments/building classification-Occupancy/fully sprinkled/room labels/Expected Timeline. Click the "Contact us" button to use the contact form.

We also design installations for other fire alarm companies.

All plan requests must have the intention of meeting local codes, state codes, national codes, ada, Texas Acessibility codes, codes and standards required by NFPA 70, NFPA 72, IFC, IBC, NFPA 101 and any and all adopted codes to local AHJ amendments where the system and design are intended.

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