Commercial Security Alarms and Intrusion Detection

Fire alarms and security system alarms are installed for safety and security. We install both. Alarms are there to help protect belongings. Without an security/burglar alarm, you are leaving your business as a target for theft and vandalism. Alarm Monitoring is must, which is why we offer many alarm monitoring packages.

With an alarm system, you can rest assured that your property is in a safer state. If a burglar knows that you have an alarm system installed at your location, the burglar is more likely going to search for an easier location with lower risk of being caught in the act.

From Glass Breaks (which detect if a window has been broken) to motion sensors, TEAMWired has a large selection of burglar alarm packages available for commercial installations in Houston.

We at TEAMWired offer Security systems for a large portion of Texas surrounding the Houston and Harris County areas. We also provide alarm monitoring. We have many monitoring packages for our large variety of Security alarm systems.

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Security Alarms

Note:- TEAMWired can install commercial motion sensors, door sensors and window sensors and glass breaks at your request.

  • Motion Sensors.
  • Window contacts.
  • Glass Breaks.
  • Door Contacts.
  • To detect movement in a room that should not have movement.
  • To detect when a window has been opened.
  • To detect when someone decides to open a window in a non-traditional manor.
  • To detect when a door that is suposed to be closed, suddenly opens.

Alarm Monitoring

TEAMWired offers security alarm monitoring deals. Contact our TEAM members.

Alarm Installation

TEAMWired has alarm installation and has bundled alarm packages. Speak to a TEAM member.

Alarm systems to detect intrusion

An alarm that detects intrusion through motion sensing devices or htough sounds and vibration. Alarm systems that detect body heat are all parts of the security aalarm that is ideal for those who have something to protect..