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Security Camera with a good DVR or NVR are how you build your strategy of defense and evidence against disruptions that may occur. Disruptions such as a break in or accidents. Of course a camera system will not stop a break in (with the exception of video analytics, which will trigger your alarm when the area analyzed is trespassed)or accident, but will give you video proof of the events that happened before, during and after the disruption that may occur. Proper signage showing that your site is monitored could prevent most robberies and break ins or even false accidents. The video footage from properly placed cameras will allow you to show the authorities evidence of the events that actually took place.

DVR - Digital Video Recorders will store footage from the video feed of your site. Most DVRs allow remote viewing (with proper sign in credentials) so you can check up on your site from a remote location.

We have a selection of security camera brands and types. All security cameras installed by TEAMWired are of quality rating.

NVR - Network Video Recorders store footage from network video cameras (I.P. Cameras). I.P. cameras sometimes come with their own storage built in them. The NVR is a much more advanced device with much more capability yet the cost isn't much different from a DVR. Contact Us ยป

Surveillance Cameras

Types of retail locations our camera systems are great for and why

Note:- TEAMWired offers custom security camera installation for convenience stores that are in need of a camera system. With the right dvr to record footage and a good set of cameras, you can record high quality video evidence.

  • Clothing store -
  • Grocery store -
  • Pawnshop and Loans -
  • Office Space -
  • Shop Lifting, Robbery.
  • Shop Lifting, Robbery.
  • Shop Lifting, Robbery.
  • Stolen equipment, time theft, disputes.

Benefits Good Video Footage

Locations that could experience shoplifting or theft or possible damage on a regular basis, or life threatening situations, these are locations that can use our camera and dvr packages the most. Sometimes you just need to go back through and see the play-by-play. Sometimes you need to see what happened.

Purpose of Good Cameras

If you have ever noticed that surveillance footage in the news is always grainy and rough or quite useless. This can be prevented with good cameras and digital video recorder. Our systems are better detailed and better warrantied at a cost that is comparable to the kinds of dvr and camera that can be bought by the public in retail.

Security Cameras and Quality

What we provide you is quality installation, and clear useful video footage. Allowing you to get a much better quality video for your store, at a far better price. All too often people buy some super discount deal and self install their systems, and in the end they get a low quality camera system at the same (or more) cost as if they bought from a professional. With no service agreements, budget DVR/NVR and budget wiring. The end result can be poor or unusable or non-existent footage when the time comes the footage is needed. The biggest difference between consumer grade and commercial grade is quality.