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TEAMWired provides alarm design from an actual fire alarm company familiar with the installation and permit process of the entire fire alarm system. TEAMWired is here in Houston Texas. We have an APS holder with certification on site.

We also understand deadlines, which is why we have a fast production format and a triple check platform to prevent mistakes.

TEAMWired excels at keeping design time and cost low while keeping accuracy and looks high. Send us your drawings and we will help get you prepped for installation.

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Fire Alarm Drawings

We offer many fire alarm design services. The TEAMWired Drafting and Design group has on many occasions worked with architects and engineers to assure the fire alarm system meets the needs and requests of property owners, contractors and fire codes.

TEAMWired now has a fire alarm design team for architects, engineers, other fire alarm companies, access control companies, contractors, and even property owners who want to submit all plans at the same time and/or have a specific design in mind already.

Be sure to call and see if we have any current deals for your specific fire alarm drafting needs.

Our fire alarm design TEAM is fully certified and licensed with the state of Texas to sign and stamp drawings for submittal.

Our returning customers enjoy our services. They know we are fast, they know that we will meet code, they know that we design every fire alarm system within their bid to prevent exceeding their budget.

Our codes, standards and design references are: AHJ amendments, IBC/IFC , NFPA 72, NFPA 170, NFPA 70 (NEC). We double check with NFPA 1 (adopted by Texas Fire Marshals) and NFPA 101(also adopted by Texas Fire Marshals- They will not be performing any initial or final occupancy testing).

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  • What We Do For You

    Harris County has updated their amendments to IFC 2018. . We've read these additions to code, and fully understand the changes, and we are ready to assist in helping your fire alarm system meet all codes and standards. We are able to minimize wait time and time consuming changes.

    Our design TEAM is selected based on knowledge, accuracy, skill, and productivity. Our fire alarm design symbols meet current NFPA 170 standards. Our fire alarm design prints meet the requirements of NFPA 72 "Documentation" section, IBC "Construction Documents" and IFC "Fire Alarm Shop Drawings"(So long as the information is provided to us). If bid needs cannot meet the codes and standards stated, we will go over options with the customer about necessary changes.

    TEAMWired also offers follow-up drawing (asbuilts to meet NFPA 72 "Record Drawings") services, for a reasonable rate.

    We keep in house current and past International building code IBC, International Fire Code IFC, NFPA 170, NFPA 72, NFPA 101, National Electrical Code NFPA 70 NEC. We keep ADA links ready, and have many OSHA books and pdfs on site.

    Please download and fill this form out then email it to us with your plans. Our Fire alarm Design Information Form

    Have your fire alarm drawings designed by professionals that will read what the AHJ requires, check all amendments and applicable codes before any design.

    Our fire alarm design TEAM has a double check system that prevents even the slightest of mistakes. We have also developed a uniform fire alarm design to make sure all fire alarm layouts and prints come out looking the same in all menus and title blocks. All legends look identical, with the exception of partlist and count which is embedded directly in the fire alarm legend. Custom battery calculations and voltage drops comparable to no one. TEAMWired has a price system that you should appreciate.

    Inquire about fire alarm, access control, or security cameras system designs using the form linked above. If you need to add more detail or upload files, please use the forms on the page related to the department. We are licensed in the state of Texas only. We can assist with drawings in states that only require Nicet certification for design.

    See our Design Flier 1.

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Design Integrity

We design to make permit process work in your favor. To Code, to Standards,to your bid, to your specification.

– TEAMWired's entire design staff in Houston

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