Commercial Fire Alarm

A leading fire alarm installation company.

TEAMWired has many new construction commercial fire alarm installation packages for contractors within and around Houston and Harris County Areas. Fire alarm installations, upgrades and build-outs for your fire alarm needs. Our fire alarm installers and technicians are well supplied and ready to fulfill contractors needs and requests as well. Make TEAMWired your Houston fire alarm installers.


TEAMWired specializes in building retrofits, renovations, tenant build-outs and additions to existing systems. We understand our customers' business environment and pride ourselves in providing on time delivery while minimizing disruption in your operation. We install and retrofit fire alarm systems in and around Harris county,Montgomery county, Liberty County,Fort Bend County,Chambers County,Brazoria County, Galveston County,Waller County Bastrop county and any other county in or around that large circle around Houston. For the cleanest fire alarm installation in Houston please call



Our Fire alarm service team provides a huge range of fire alarm services. From full installation to repair and upgrade to annual fire alarm inspections. We provide contracts for fire alarm upkeep and inspections contact our sales department to inquire about our optional no hassle service and inspection contracts.

TEAMWired Offers Monitoring Services to all of our new and existing fire alarm system customers. With the comfort of our fire alarm monitoring packages we bring you the ease of knowing that someone is watching over your property and proper authorities will be contacted in the event of an alarm. Call us today about our Monitoring packages. We are a fully integrated fire protection company.

TEAMWired installs a variety of fire protection systems. We provide fire alarm system inspections and are equipped for your build outs, retro-fits or new high-rise installation. We can assure you, your employees and customers of your commercial site safety and protection.
Due to growing numbers of requests we are now installing wireless fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Installations

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  • Retro fit.
  • Build out.
  • New installation.
  • Monitoring.
  • We can install parts that replace out dated or obsolete parts to get you back to code.
  • When you remodel or add-on to a building, we can get your fire alarm coverage up to code.
  • New fire alarm installation in new buildings.
  • We have monitoring contracts for fire alarm systems to meet many budgets.

New Installation

Our New installation includes unique advanced design, clean installation, mature installation team, Instructions that are thurough and easily understood. and a support crew ready to answer any question .

Addition to existing

When TEAMWired adds to an existing fire alarm system, the fire alarm system becomes a TEAMWired system. We make sure every wire is ran properly and easily traced, and all devices labled and easily located.

We install, inspect, repair, and upgrade fire alarm systems. We are located in Houston Texas.

TEAMWired has specialists in every feild of our industry, each one with great techiques and licenses to make sure your system is correct and clean.

Our new installation abilities include Group A,Group B,Group F,Group H,Group I,Group M, Group R, Group S, and Group U.