Commercial Fire Alarm Installers

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Bid and Code friendly fire alarm installation company in Houston.

TEAMWired, Houston’s premier Fire Alarm company, provides installation for the majority of Texas. Our trucks now roll from our home town of Houston, to across the state. We furnish fire alarm systems, upgrades, and build-outs for your fire alarm needs. Our technicians are well supplied and skilled to fulfill contractor's needs and requests as well. We install fire alarm systems with cleanliness and accuracy to specifications and code. Add TEAMWired to your request for bid list.

Fire Alarm

TEAMWired is well versed in building retrofits, renovations, tenant build-outs and additions to existing fire alarm systems. We understand our customers' business environment and pride ourselves in providing on-time installation while minimizing disruption to your operation. We install and retrofit fire alarm systems in and around Harris County, Houston Texas and throughout the state.


Our fire alarm team possess a huge range of fire alarm skills; full installation, repair, service, upgrade, annual fire alarm tests and Inspections. We provide contracts for fire alarm maintenance and inspections. Contact our sales department to inquire about our optional, no hassle, service and inspection contracts.

TEAMWired Offers Monitoring contracts to all of our new and existing fire alarm customers. With the ease of our fire alarm monitoring packages, we give you peace of mind that someone is watching over your property, and proper authorities will be contacted in the event of an alarm. Call us today about our monitoring packages. We are a fully integrated fire protection company.

We not only install fire alarm systems, we also service them. When requesting a new fire alarm installation be sure and ask about our service contracts and packages. Service and inspection contracts ensure your system remains operating beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

TEAMWired installs a variety of fire alarm, voice evacuation, and notification systems. We provide fire alarm system tests & inspections. We are equipped for your build outs, retro-fits or new high-rise installation. We can assure the safety of yourself, your employees, customers, commercial site.

Pull station, strobe, smoke detector, hornstrobe

Fire Alarm Installations

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Call TEAMWired for fire alarm inspections, repairs or installation before other Houston fire alarm companies. We will follow code, your requirements and do this in prompt, clean, and timely fashion with accuracy and care.

TEAMWired, we work in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

TEAMWired is the cleanest, most code compliant, fire alarm company in Texas. If you've tried other Houston fire alarm companies, TEAMWired will stand out.

  • Retro fit.
  • Build out.
  • New installation.
  • Monitoring.
  • Design
  • RETROFIT-We can install parts that replace obsolete parts to get you back to code.
  • We can expand your fire alarm system into new spaces.
  • New fire alarm installation in new buildings.
  • We offer monitoring contracts for fire alarm systems to meet many budgets.
  • We have our own in-house designer, so no waiting for plans and no extra fees.

New Installation

Our New installation includes an advanced technical design, clean installation with a mature installation team, demonstrations and instructions that are thorough and easily understood. We have a support crew ready to answer any question. We will meet your specifications, International Code Council requirements and National Fire Protection Association standards.

Addition to existing

When TEAMWired adds to an existing fire alarm system, the fire alarm system becomes a TEAMWired system. We make sure every wire is ran properly, easily traced, and all devices are labeled for quick location. By abiding to NFPA 72 and NFPA 70, we know our buildouts will last and are fitting to our warranties.

We install, inspect, repair, and upgrade fire alarm systems.

TEAMWired has specialists in every field of our industry, each one with great techniques and licenses to make sure your system is correct and clean.

We use many vendors like Kidde (formerly Vigilant/Edwards/GE), Silent Knight, and Firelite. We install these fire alarm systems throughout Texas.