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We at TEAMWired provide a fire alarm inspection service. We can can inspect your fire alarm system, call us today to schedule your system inspection.

How long has it been since your last fire alarm inspection ?

Per NFPA 72 (chapter 14) fire alarm systems and devices have routine inspection schedules. Some devices more frequent than others. Some less often. We can schedule your system to be inspected at intervals that work with everyone's plans. Or best available schedules.

Fire Alarm Inspections

All fire alarm systems require scheduled testing also. This test can be scheduled to keep your inspection schedule routine and easy to expect intervals. This helps keep your building up to code and standard.


NFPA 72 2013 14.2.13 The purpose of periodic inspections is to assure that obvious damages or changes that might affect the system operability are visually identified

That is what TEAMWired is here for. We can inspect your fire alarm system as required. If any problems are identified, we can replace or repair whatever is problematic to your results and have you back to code in as little time as possible. We inspect to code, We repair to code.

Workmanship and proper tools for the trade

Note:- Fire Alarm Inspections throughout Houston, Harris County and surrounding areas since 2007. Though we take on many new customers often, our existing customers have not lost a place on our schedules. Be a part of our customers, and see how we treat friends.

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Magnetic Locks Inspections
  • Security system Monitoring
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Emergency on Call repairs
  • Loaner equipment
  • Full service system maintenance
  • Security system inspection
  • From a listed company with years of experience.
  • To keep you up to code.
  • To make sure the proper authorities are contacted before it's too late.
  • To verify you are within code and continue to comply within requirements.
  • To have make repairs as soon as possible.
  • When your device is not functioning and there is any delay with a new one or repairs.
  • Not just inspect, but repair and/or replace.
  • To stay within code.

What is service?

Repairs made to keep you operational when downtime is not an option.

What is true service?

Repairs, replacement, loaners, rentals and upkeep.