NFPA 72 2016 The purpose of periodic inspections is to assure that obvious damages or changes that might affect the system operability are visually identified.

NFPA 72 2016 The purpose for periodic testing is to statistically assure operational reliability.

Fire alarm inspections


Fire Alarm Inspections. Fire Alarm System inspections by a company equipped and trained to inspect your fire alarm system at your best schedule to keep you code compliant.


Our installation crew covers our industry. Fire Alarm, Access Control, Security Cameras, Burglar Alarms, and networking, TEAMWired installs them..


Alarm System Monitoring. We can now introduce you to an "All in One" monitoring package. You can have your Fire alarm system monitored, security system monitored and your security cameras monitored. All in one single bill.


Fire alarm systems require scheduled testing and inspections. These tests and inspections can be scheduled to keep your regular schedule, and easy to meet national code's expected intervals. This helps keep your building up to code and your premises up to required safety standards.

We at TEAMWired provide a fire alarm inspection service. We can can inspect your fire alarm system, call us today to schedule your system inspection.

How long has it been since your last fire alarm inspection ?

Per NFPA 72 (chapter 14) The property or building or system owner or the owner's designated Representative shall be responsible for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of the system and alterations or additions to the system.

This Chapter of the Fire Alarm and Signaling Code explains in great detail which parts of the fire alarm system need to be inspected and tested and how often these inspections and/or tests need to be performed. It even say how to perform the inspections and what is to be done to test the fire alarm equipment

If you received a notice saying "Order to Comply" from The compliance Engine from a company "Brycer" in Harris County's name, call us. 281-345-9474.

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Quarterly Inspections and Tests

Quarterly Inspections and tests must be performed every three months for devices that need a bit more attention than devices that need fewer inspections and tests.

These inspections and tests should be performed by an experienced technician that understands what the code is requiring. We are licensed and certified to perform these tests.

TEAMWired has scheduling program to make sure your inspections and tests are done on time and accurately.

Fire Alarm
Security alarm

Daily and Weekly Inspections and Tests

These inspection and tests require plenty of attention. Often this is automated through your monitoring service.

Tests will include (not limited to) sensitivity test(s) and performance test(s).

Our inspectors are equipped and skilled to perform these tests.

Annual Inspections and Tests

A yearly inspection and test. Often the inspection is required more often and the test can be done once a year with the scheduled inspection.

Sometimes the test and inspection are only required once a year for the majority of the fire alarm system.

After the first inspection TEAMWired performs of your system, we know which parts require the most frequent tests and inspection and which parts do not require so much attention.

Security Cameras
Simi Anual

SimiAnnual Inspections and Tests

This set of fire alarm inspections and tests are done every six months. fire alarm inspections happen twice a year. Most often it is best to perform any required test within this interval.

Tests will include (not limited to) sensitivity test(s) and performance test(s).

Our inspection and testing service department also performs repairs, in the event your system is due for repairs upon inspection.

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